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Riserva Moac

Riserva Moac


Mariangela "Maya" Pavone: Voice
Fabrizio "Pacha Mama" Russo: Voice
Roberto Napoletano: Accordion, Percussions
Patrizio Forte: Bass Guitar
Fabio Castrilli: Guitar
Graziano Carbone: Drums
Antonio Scioli: Tuba, BagPipe, Flutes
Genesio D'Uva: Dj/Producer


If you blend rock with world music, etno instruments with global beat, electro with accordion… you would find yourself into the “glocal” mood of the Riserva Moac. A village in which meeting, mixing and exchanging ideas is the norm; where true wealth is Humanity. In 15 years of “experience”, Riserva Moac totalized a great number of concerts in Italy and Europe, an impressive amount of achievements as well as its constant presence in a variety of Italian and foreign compilations.


Agency: ESCUDERO records

Phone: +41765066377


The artist

Nationality: Italy