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Riserva Moac

Riserva Moac


Mariangela "Maya" Pavone: Voice
Fabrizio "Pacha Mama" Russo: Voice
Roberto Napoletano: Accordion, Percussions
Patrizio Forte: Bass Guitar
Fabio Castrilli: Guitar
Graziano Carbone: Drums
Antonio Scioli: Tuba, BagPipe, Flutes
Genesio D'Uva: Dj/Producer


A no border band..Sounds, words and rhythms from all over the world give rise to their distinctive and personal sound that goes from World to Balkan to Irish to Patchanka music.

Many performances around Italy and Europe (France, Switzerland, Netherland, Germany, Austria) until to arrive to a tour across U.S.A; among their many live concerts we remember Arezzo Wave and Primo Maggio in Piazza San Giovanni (Rome).
In 2014 band wins the HitMusicAwards competition getting the pubblication of two songs in the famous Hit Mania compilation.


Agency: ESCUDERO records

Phone: +41765066377


The artist

Nationality: Italy