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Alejandro Reyes

Alejandro Reyes


Alejandro Reyes -- Vocals et guitar


Born in 1992 in Chile, Alejandro Reyes had a turbulent childhood, move repeatedly, and finally landed in Switzerland at the age of ten. Although he was born in a family of musicians, the young man never thought playing music because of his handicap. Deprived of his left hand at birth, he strikes on skateboarding, until a friend gave him a guitar. He tries timidly, quenches his thirst and makes himself a glove topped with a plectrum with which he can play without getting hurt. An autodidact, Alejandro revisits songs he likes, developing his ear sense. Strumming Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley chords he performs in the streets, where he starts to be noticed. Between English and Spanish, this prodigy composes catchy moving pop.


Phone: +41765066377


The artist

Nationality: Switzerland/Chile